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Image via Amazon

2016-09-12 10:22

Another wedding project I didn’t have time to share pre-wedding was our DIY chalkboard that displayed our seating chart. DIY chalkboards are nothin’ new on the ‘Bee, but I couldn’t resist sharing ours and reviewing the supplies we used.

Sneak peek of the finished product!

Photo by Valerie Demo / Altered by me for privacy

We started with a $15 mirror, which I found at Diversity Thrift. After visiting a few thrift stores in the Richmond area, I would definitely recommend Diversity as a must-see, especially for bigger items (like furniture or mirrors).

Once Mr. Hawk had it all taped up with painter’s tape and handy-dandy recycled Target and Wawa plastic bags, he got to spraying.

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We used Krylon Chalkboard paint and had a very positive experience. Although reviews mentioned two coats being enough, Mr. H ended up applying four to five coats over several weeks. Typically on a Saturday he would take the mirror/chalkboard out front to spray and then let it dry in the sun throughout the afternoon. Because we had it propped up against the side of the house to dry, we did notice a little bit of dripping; however, once all the coats were applied, I didn’t see any drips in the paint. So if you don’t have the time to apply extra coats, I would recommend letting the chalk paint dry completely flat. Another thing to note is that the description indicates one can covering a 3 x 4 foot chalkboard. Even with the four to five coats we applied, we still had paint left over after the project.

The painted chalkboard in action with seating-chart Post-its

Because I didn’t want to worry about smearing, I also purchased Sanford’s Expo Bright Sticks chalk markers.

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The ones I purchased were the fluorescent colors,计时薪资, and let me tell you, the description is accurate. Although the marker caps appeared more muted, the colors were very bright. I ended up loving the contrast the brighter colors provided. The Bright Sticks were very easy to use, creating clean lines without any drip. I also liked how easy they were to erase. A wet paper towel was enough to clear the chalkboard. There was only once or twice that I had to wipe the board a second time to completely erase any faint lines.

I didn’t do a lot of review-stalking before purchasing these products,887118现场开奖结果, so I definitely think we hit the jackpot! Do y’all have any product recommendations to future chalkboard DIY’ers?

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